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Of 18:15 h a 20:30 h.
Of 18:15 h a 20:30 h.
Colloquium talks with authorities and personalities from the business world, political and social

13 of January of 2021
Luis Granda «Family Business»

27 of January of 2021
Alba Díaz «GOOGLE»

20 of January of 2021
Rafael Montesinos «Management Skills»


10 February 2021
Karen Torres «Sales»

24 February 2021
Pablo Gimeno «Economy - Finance"

17 February 2021
Rafael Montesinos «Management Skills»


10 March 2021
Javier Paban «Twitter»

24 of March. Economic Summit
Round table + Keynote Presentations


14 April 2021
Montserrat Peñarroya «Digital Commerce»

28 April 2021
Josemaría Pons «Commercial»

21 April 2021
Guillermo Bermúdez «Marketing»


12 May 2021
Coffee with Diario SUR

26 May 2021
Francisco Servia «AMAZON»

19 May 2021
Guillermo Bermúdez «Marketing»


9 June 2021
Antonio Grande «Networking»

30 Summit of business transformation.
Round table + Keynote Presentations


7 July 2021
In your company or mine with ...

28 of July. Business Club Charity Dinner.

8 September 2021
Mónica Mendoza «Sales»

29 September 2021
Pérez Juárez «Innovation»

22 September 2021
Alba Díaz «GOOGLE»


6 October 2021
Pérez Juárez «Innovation»

Business Meeting.
With Mago More

9 November 2021
Coffee with Cajamar

23 November 2021
Patricia Gabas «Legal - Labor"

16 November 2021
Francisco Servia «AMAZON»


7 from December to 2021
Luis Marin «Strategy»

21 from December to 2021
José Luis Artime «Legal - Tax"

14 from December to 2021
Pablo Gimeno «Economy

22 December Business Club Charity Dinner.

Guillermo Bermudez

University of Marketing at UMA

Emilio Dura

Entrepreneur, Professor and Lecturer

Monica Mendoza

International Speaker

Francisco Servia

Senior Product Manager en Amazon

Luis Fernandez

Entrepreneur, consultant and speaker

Ricardo Garcia

Staff Director of the Cajamar Business General Management

Rafael Montesinos placeholder image

Professor Human Behavior

Francisco Burgo

Tax inspector

Jose Luis Artime

Tax inspector

Antonio Rueda

Entrepreneur, consultant and auditor

Patricia Gabas

Deputy Labor Inspector

Jerónimo Sánchez

Entrepreneur, consultant and advisor

Luis Marin

Entrepreneur, consultant and advisor

Luis Granda

Entrepreneur, consultant and advisor

Teresa Suarez

Businesswoman, consultant and speaker

Meet our past events

2 from December

}18:15 h – 20:30 h

Digital Business Activity

Francisco Servia

Networking day that Francisco Servia will attend as a guest, Senior Product Manager en Amazon, who will talk about the Managing the digital customer experience. In this session we will address the concept of customer experience. We will learn to analyze the experience of our clients today, in order to detect the main points of improvement to finally prioritize among those points and undertake projects aimed at improving it.

16 from December

}18:15 h – 20:30 h

Training Activity

Luis Granda

In this session we will respond, among other, to the following questions: Is it useful the bankruptcy?, When should I file to protect myself?, What risks and responsibilities do the partners and the administrator of a company?, Who should manage the company?, Is my personal and family wealth at risk?, What can I do and when should I do it to protect my assets?, What taxes will go up and how will they affect me?, Is it convenient to donate to my children now?, Will the Tax on Patrimony and Inheritance and Donations go up in Andalusia?

11 of November

}18:15 h – 20:30 h

Digital Business Activity



Pere Juárez

Adaptability in a liquid world. Lessons from Jazz

This talk will address the importance of exploring and observing the environment to ensure business continuity and growth from the speed of response, collaboration and commitment to continuous learning from experience, putting Jazz as an example.

24 of November

}18:15 h – 20:30 h

Training Activity

Montserrat Peñarroya

How to make money online

In this talk we will discover the 15 sources of income they are using, in Spain, companies that have their business models adapted to the "new normal". Get inspired by this 45 'session to be able to make the right decisions before finishing the 2020.

14 October

}15:45 h – 19:45 h

Digital Business Activity

Emilio Dura

IV Business Meeting with Emilio Duró

Networking and Knowledge Space adapted to a VUCA Environment

30 of September

}18:30 h – 20:30 h

Training Activity

Rafael Montesinos placeholder image

Management Skills

Colloquium talk on Management Skills

16 of September

}18:15 h – 20:30 h

Digital Business Activity

Monica Mendoza

Taller de Networking

Specialized training in networking.

How to attract customers in virtual formats, zoom, team, etc.

15 of July

}18:30 h – 20:30 h

Digital Business Activity

Antonio Grande

Successful networking

Would you like to expand your network of professional contacts, grow your business, develop your networking skills and create lasting personal and professional relationships?

If you belong to a networking group, this conference interests you.

We speak?