The era of innovation and human capital

Advisory Council of EIPYMES:
Entrepreneurs committed to the Society

EIPYMES, with the help of its Advisory Council, is a social benchmark that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in SMEs and Micro-SMEs, generating entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals highly committed to society and their closest geographical environment.

In this way, EIPYMES opens to the business society with the participation and contribution of the Employers that make up its Advisory Council, whose objective is the creation of a space for analysis, debate, study and research where public administrations converge, entrepreneurs and social groups that promote activities aimed at quality employment and business excellence in SMEs.

Principles and values
of the Advisory Council of EIPYMES

NRespect and be respected

NHumility, honesty, closeness and trust

NLearning and listening skills

NCollaboration and teamwork

NSpirit of service

NUnion and collaboration

NAdaptation to social environments, humans, economic…

NCollaboration and support to the most vulnerable social environments


Sponsorship for Social Work

EIPYMES offers you the possibility of being Trustee of its Advisory Council. Through the sponsorship you receive, EIPYMES channels initiatives to revert to society a significant part of the profits obtained from business activities, through training actions, social, cultural, welfare and charity.

Become a Patron of EIPYMES

In addition to collaborating with the social action of EIPYMES, you will get the following Benefits for your company:


Your brand will be better accepted when you contribute to the development of something specific for a common benefit. The citizen feels that you are not selling a brand, rather, it fulfills a social responsibility for the benefit of all.


Sponsorship allows your brand to be integrated and established in the common people, generating a feeling of familiarity that ends up being loyal to the brand that sponsors a certain activity.


One of the most efficient ways to bring citizens closer to your brand is to ensure that it is identified with an important value and that it helps to position your brand within that circle. So, more and more your brand will be identified with positive and well-being aspects.


Sponsorship makes citizens loyalty to your brand, since he finds in it many similarities with his thoughts, actions and values. These similarities are opening a way towards a trust in the brand and later in loyalty towards the products or services that your brand markets..

Cost effectiveness

EIPYMES provides an annual calendar of activities where the member companies of the Advisory Council will be able to develop knowledge and business management tools, network of contacts and brand image.


NDissemination of the advertising videos of our Sponsors through the YOUTUBE Channel of EIPYMES

NCurrent communication through our Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

NBrand image through the EIPYMES website

NDissemination through our Blog of interviews with our Employers

NCommunication of sponsor activities through email marketing

Our club combines activities of Training so that you continue acquiring knowledge, the organization of Events business where you can do business, a Network of Contacts that allows you to make profitable your business activities and a Viewing your brand image to increase your sales.

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