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Business – Networking

Grow your business by establishing lasting personal and professional relationships. More of 100 new contacts per season


Unique and inspiring experiences that will enrich your ideas and also your knowledge.


Develop your knowledge and expand the potential of your company with the best professionals of the moment.


Sell ​​online thanks to the channel that Eipymes provides you. creat your account, introduce the products and start selling.


We use the Canvas business model as a method to develop a strategic plan in a short and concise way. Contrary to usual strategic plans, the CANVAS model avoids extensive and complex explanations, in such a way that it can be visualized on a simple sheet.


Belonging to the Eipymes Club also gives access to the use of our facilities.

You can leave your company advertising or even meet with your clients in our meeting rooms.


In our WhatsApp groups you will strengthen relationships with other members in a more informal way.

Connect Eipymes

Connect Eipymes makes it easy for you to contact all the SMEs that make up our club. In the private area you will find the way to contact each one of them.

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We talk about you. We carry out individual periodic publications on social networks about the companies belonging to the club. We will also add more information about your company in our members area.

Our Agenda

Be part of our exclusive agenda as a member of the Business Club to stay connected.

Business Opportunities and Networking

We carry out commercial and business activities where you can make profitable your commercial opportunities and strengthen your network of contacts:

Activities and business opportunities in new business and commercial relationship scenarios.
Relationship marketing activities for customer acquisition and loyalty.
Building new business relationships in digital environments.
The keys to customer acquisition and loyalty in virtual networks.
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